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Before Typing, Change Keyboard from English to Punjabi


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English Typing Test

Welcome to "English Typing Test" section of akhartk.com webiste. Users can take English typing tests on this page. akhartk.com provides number of paragraphs to users for practice. The paragraphs are updated regularly. Choose timing of type test.

Choose Typing test timing!
2 minute Test
5 minute Test
7 minute Test
10 minute Test

Take typing tests for longer durations if you want to build stamina. It is easier to have higher speed for first few minutes of typing. But as timing increases, typing speed falls due to fatigue. To pass Government examinations, practice at timing of 10 minutes regularly. If you want to check the maximum typing speed that you can achieve, you can go with the shorter durations of typing tests.

Some Tips before taking English Typing Test